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Experts of the Event:
Gilbert Doctorow - Russia expert, foreign policy analyst, Brussels;
Matthew Ehret - Professor in Montreal; also American University in Moscow;
Jim Jatras - Former U.S. diplomat and Senate GOP foreign policy adviser;
Peter Kuznick - Professor, American University, Washington, DC;
Edward Lozansky - President, American University in Moscow and also Professor, Moscow State and National Research Nuclear Universities; 
Suzanne Massie - Historian of Russia; adviser to President Reagan;
Ray McGovern - former Chief, Soviet Foreign Policy Branch, CIA;
Pavel Palazhchenko - former interpreter for Michael Gorbachev;
Herbert Reginbogin - Professor, Catholic University of America, also American U. in Moscow;
Tatjana Zdanoka - Member, European Parliament from Latvia.
For viewing the event and participation in Q and A session, please follow to the ICPD YouTube channel